My Table Numbers is a fun-loving website created by me; Nata Oleiz (Content Writer & Blogger), to share my local and international dining experience with everyone.

My Table Numbers was born out of my love for Writing, Food, Travel and Photography. I saw this huge demand for guidance in dining out especially in Africa and The Middle East, so I took it upon myself to provide and document fresh and honest dining experiences in both continents. The culinary scene in Africa and The Middle East is developing very fast, remains unique and full of diversity.

I’m extremely happy to share my culinary delight tours and experience with all of you, especially those who share the same passion for Food, Travel and Photography. I’m grateful to be a part of the social media era, which has provided me with a platform to showcase my love for food and so much more. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing that perfect sensational culinary journey with everyone, so tag along and let us all enjoy this food trail and culinary travel adventures together in Dubai and beyond…….

         Nata Oliez